Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nicola Roberts' album cover/tracklist!

Above is the official album cover for the debut album of

Girls Aloud member gone solo, Nicola Roberts.

Now that you have been blinded by the flawlessness of the cover,

so squintyou eyes and see if you can peep the tracklisting below:

1. "Beat Of My Drum"

2. "Dance In The Rain"

3. "Pretty Persuasion"

4. "Sticks & Stones"

5. "Porcelain Heart"

6. "Take A Bite"

7. "Dating"

8. "I"

9. "Yo Yo"

10. "Cinderella's Eyes"

11. "Lucky Day"

12. "Been There, Done That"

13. "I Want You (So Bad)"

14. "Wanna Dance"

15. "Disco, Blisters & A Comedown" (bonus track)

Get ready to buy the LP when it drops in the UK and Ireland on October 3rd.

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